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Our Publications

We work with energy operators to improve the industry's understanding around the risk and reliability of energy infrastructures. We believe that our research will help create safer energy infrastructures for a safer world.



Prioritizing Retrofits of Non-Piggable Pipelines

This paper explains how to use a new Internal Corrosion Structural Reliability Model to help prioritize the retrofits old transmission pipelines that cannot undergo inline inspections.


Probabilistic Corrosion Growth

This paper provides a comprehensive empirical evaluation on over 57,000 corrosion anomalies around different probabilistic corrosion growth rate (PCGR) methodologies. It guides operators on which PCGR model to use to predict future corrosion growth.



Reliability Engineering Monte Carlo Simulations

This paper guides energy operators on how to perform Monte Carlo Simulations without performing common pitfalls in the application of pipeline reliability engineering. 

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